Work, Money, Stuff & A Simple Lifestyle

david-alice.JPGLike most Americans, my wife and I have worked outside our home for most of our adult lives. We have both worked several jobs in the corporate world during the early years of our marriage. For the last 15 years, my wife has worked at our church as the church administrator. About ten years ago, I started Selman Home Inspections which is now a successful small business serving all of North Texas and the Austin, Georgetown areas. And now, we have started a new adventure we call Savvy Organics Farm.

We have lived and raised our kids on a small five-acre farm in Red Oak Texas for about 23 years. When the kids were growing up, we raised Texas Longhorn Show Cattle, chickens and we always had a family or kitchen garden.

Today, our kids are grown and we are officially empty nesters! Two of our kids are married and have blessed our family with four wonderful grandkids (and another one on the way). Our youngest daughter is engaged and will be married in May 2018. God has further blessed us and answered my prayers because I have always prayed that our kids would know, trust and walk with God. Our oldest daughter is married to a pastor, our middle son and his wife are heavily involved with their church and our youngest daughter is marrying a pastor as well. God is good.

When we were raising our kids, working in corporate America, working at church and starting a home inspection company, I realize now that most of the time, I was working for “money and stuff”, always thinking about what we needed to be “successful”, or at least my own perception of success. We were always working to pay bills and provide for our family like everyone else. But I was never satisfied and always wanting more. I have been caught in the trap of not seeing all that God has blessed us with. Maybe you are too.

Now that I am getting a little older and maybe a little wiser, “money and stuff” are slowly losing their hold on me but there are still days that I struggle with wanting more. It is funny how God works. I say this because my wife and I are polar opposites. She is usually care free and content with whatever situation we find ourselves in. God knew exactly what kind of wife I would need. He has always watched over me and our family even when I don’t see it.

Over the past year or so, we have had more time to pursue our interests in homesteading, holistic medicine, organic gardening, and small-scale farming. We have gone from watching “TV” in the evenings to spending our late evening hours watching YouTube videos about things that interest us. Now we are creating our own videos on YouTube.

IMG_5139.JPGWith God’s direction, we are moving slowly towards a simpler lifestyle. “Simple” does not mean that it is not hard work, because it is. Alice still works at our church and I still operate a home inspection company. We are also committed to working together to build Savvy Organics Farm over the coming years. To us, a “simple lifestyle” means that we are taking responsibility for our faith, health, and finances as well as our independence.

In a complex world, we have forgotten the simple things. Savvy Organics Farm is about celebrating God’s blessings, the simple things, each season of life as well as the four seasons. It is about getting our hands in the soil, growing vegetables, small-scale farming, egg production, honey bees and other homesteading methods that empower us and make us independent.

Our goal is to provide local, healthy, high-quality organic products for ourselves and the community around us (soon). It is about creating a connection with more urban people that want a farm connection. As we develop and grow Savvy Organics Farm, this may mean we become a market garden, CSA (community supported agriculture), farmer market or some blend of all of these. It is God’s call, we just do our best to follow where He leads us day by day.

Our hope is that we can inspire others to live simply with less “stuff”, more faith and take responsibility for the direction of their lives.

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1 Comments on “Work, Money, Stuff & A Simple Lifestyle”

  1. I love this perspective! As I get older and “wiser” (ha!) … I’m thinking along the same lines. Less is best!


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