What Are Microgreens?

 What are Microgreens? Microgreens pack a nutritional punch! Not only are they vibrant and delicate and an obvious choice to really give your dishes that necessary pop. But studies have shown that microgreens are loaded with nutrients, such as vitamins, C, E,… Read More

Read Any Good Books Lately?

The age-old question, “read any good books lately?” I love to read and learn as much as I can. My favorite topics to read are about God, faith, small-scale farming, permaculture, homesteading, gardening, raising chickens, food and related business books. There just… Read More

The Great Bean Mystery​ of 2018

We have been avid gardeners for many years and can’t remember a time we had a hard time growing green beans. Green beans, simple right? Over the years, we have always grown green beans with great results, sometimes all season long. Not… Read More

Warning, I’m Going To Say A Bad Word

DIET! There I said it. It seems like almost everyone is on some kind of diet these days. Most of us expect fast results from our dieting efforts. We want fast results in the same way we want everything else to be… Read More

Work, Money, Stuff & A Simple Lifestyle

Like most Americans, my wife and I have worked outside our home for most of our adult lives. We have both worked several jobs in the corporate world during the early years of our marriage. For the last 15 years, my wife… Read More